Episode 143: “Amateur Nation: You Chose…Poorly”


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*Voting for President Coloring Book, wearing useless masks, getting untested vaccines, buying an electric car…amateurs, you choose poorly.
*The CDC, the Center for DISEASE Control not only veers out of their lane, but crosses over the double yellow, jumps the median and drives into oncoming traffic.
*“Parental burnout” in the US is highest in the world and I say the American public education system has something to do with that.
The electric car push is just as big a scam and hoax as the plandemic and mask and vax mandates.
*On “A La Carte”: DYK: “trans” now means “biological”. Because someone in amateur nation said it, so now it’s a thing. In other news, Salma Hayek and I are engaged! And Facebook invents “hate speech”, and late night TV goes full segregation!
*On “3 Pro Things”: Shaq, an old school metal pick, and a college professor sues the university where he works because wouldn’t be a racist.
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