Episode 123: “Amateur Nation: Insulting Your Intelligence Since the Dawn of Man”


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*“Technology: creating crap you probably didn’t need to begin with since the early 2000s."
*Racist VP Hyena Harris’s “Screw You, America” Memorial Day tweet.
*Equality in sports and the difference between “equality” and “special treatment”.
*Farce of the NBA, Commie Cuck, “LeFlop” James pours more gas on an already burning legacy with his mouth off the court and his actions on the court. How’s the playoffs going? (Nelson) Ah, karma.
*On “Off Topic”: protective “foil seal” packaging, salmon dogs, and amateurs who use pronouns to identify themselves.
*On “3 Pro Things”: a tearjerking story of true sportsmanship, a California small business owner strikes back at mask and vax virtue signalers, and a great mini series on Netflix.
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