Episode 132: “Amateur Nation is NOT a Conspiracy Theory”


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*Life hack! Two real, doable, logical options if someone makes fun of you or displays discrimination against you—regardless of race, sexuality, or appearance.
*I dissect Simone Biles’ quitting on herself, her team, and her country, and the amateurs who think it’s ok, rather, “she should be celebrated”.
*More control goals over your health from “Holiday Inn Express” doctor, Bill Gates, and super-villain, Hitler protege, George Soros. Because they’re caring philanthropists who don’t want any more money or power.
*On “Off Topic”: what the “Titans of Industry” had in common, sarcasm, and more anti-vaccine logic and common sense. (I know, amateurs, it’s your kryptonite.)
*On “3 Pro Things”: one of the most artistically ambitious foreign films I’ve ever seen, the Betsy Ross flag, and a great action movie that was a pleasant surprise.
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