Episode 141: “Amateur Nation: ‘It’s Not About Your Freedom’”


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*President Coloring Book says, “It’s not about your freedom”. Except that it unequivocally, is, Your Royal Anus.
*Common denominators in amateurs who complain about the Pros. Typical amateur statement: “If YOU would just ____________, then I can be happy.”
*First NYC gives a grand a month to violent felons to NOT commit crime and now San Fran is slashing prices by more than 66%! All crimes must go!
*Does your child have more common sense than Amateur Nation and you just can’t get him or her or “they” to wear a mask? Life hack: tape it to their face like a teacher did in Las Vegas! Totally normal and rational!
*On “A La Carte”: what “A La Carte” segment would be complete without gene experiment logic and jokes, BJ Novak, and why nuts don’t belong anywhere near my dessert.
*On “3 Pro Things”: the playoffs in the NHRA heat up, a kitchen product recommendation, and who could be “Pro of the Year” goes public with secret recordings about the the “vaccine”.
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