“The Quarantine ‘Doy!’ Common Sense Episode”


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*I explain through personal experience why air travel now sucks on a whole new level, complete with inconsistencies of protocol and logic!
*During the pandemic, forget Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative; are you on “Team Caution” or “Team Irrational”?
*“Zoom”: Not just a crappy kids show from the 70s but now a sad way to communicate! And why I’ll never do a virtual comedy show.
*An amateur who doesn’t even trust his own penis during the pandemic.
*A question about the pandemic I GUARANTEE no one has ever asked.
*“60 Seconds”
*On “3 Pro Things”, who the selfish people during the pandemic really are, during quarantine — Men — if you don’t use it you just might lose it, and my favorite word of all time.
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