WAP: We’re in Amateur Purgatory


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*DYK? 1+1 = Racism. And, E = MCkissmyass squared.
*Inanimate objects can be amateur! Fans and listeners chime in with their most amateur items that make them nuts.
*Is your baby a jerk during diaper changes and won’t sit still and focus? Probably all that racism bouncing around in his or her—sorry—it’s head. Too late for adoption, but don’t worry, there’s plenty more amateur tech to the rescue!
*On “Off Topic”: Trevor Noah, Emperor Newsom, belated birthdays, and more mask crap.
*On “3 Pro Things”: A great series about American Capitalism (you know, the thing that makes your lifestyle possible?), a documentary on Netflix, and a great foreign film that will keep you guessing.
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