Amazing Race 32 | The TARpit Week 2 | Korey Kuhl plus Exit Interview


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Amazing Race 32 | The TARpit Week 2 | Korey KuhlAmazing Race 32 | The TARpit Week 2 | Korey Kuhl

Amazing Race 32 | The TARpit Week 2 | Korey Kuhl

The second week of the Amazing Race season 32 featured emeralds, circus school, and tricked out dump trucks. As the racers head to Bogota, let’s head to the TARpit to break down week 2. Today’s podcast is hosted by Jessica Liese and Mike Bloom. Joining these amazing hosts is no stranger to the Amazing Race, Korey Kuhl! Korey raced around the world in seasons 28 and 31 with his best friend, Tyler Oakley. In both seasons of the Amazing Race, Korey and Tyler have made it to the final leg, securing third place (season 28) and second place (season 31).

Korey joins Jess and Mike to break down this episode of the Amazing Race. Together, this trio tests their knowledge of Colombia, plays some Amazing Race inspired games, and responds to listener feedback. Plus, Jess interviews Kellie and LaVonne in this week’s exit interview.

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The Amazing Race 32 Cast:

Riley and Maddison, Pro Volleyball Players

Will and James, Dating

Gary and DeAngelo, Former NFL Stars

Nathan and Cody, Best Friends

Hung and Chee, Married Parents

Kaylynn and Haley, Sisters

Jerry and Frank, Father and Son

Aparna and Eswar, Siblings

Alana and Leo, Dating

Michelle and Victoria, Sisters

Kellie and LaVonne, Former Olympic Hurdlers

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