Alexis Beechen Drops Some Knowledge From Building Her Wine Empire


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Imagine being on a cruise with friends and a good business idea comes to mind, then months later, your idea is now being distributed in Walmart’s around the world! Today’s guest, Alexis Beechen was enjoying her time partyin’ and thought, putting wine in a can would be much easier to casually drink. She got home and decided to research this idea and discovered that there would be a good market for it. She partnered with some amazing people and created her brand, The Drop, which is now at concert venues, small wine stores, and as of late last year, in Walmart’s all around.

An entrepreneur by heart, Alexis made her first dollar selling her mom’s gently used clothes when she could barely drive. She grew up with much support from both her parents who were lawyers. Her dad, an entrepreneur himself, had his own firm, and her mom was the first person that talked to her about branding yourself and establishing trust with people. She went to Georgetown for Marketing and eventually landed a job with Havas where she maintained Dos Equis account. Although she loved her job with Havas, she decided to go back to Columbia for business school. During her schooling is when The Drop was born. Today, she is working on another business that she is passionate about, which helps startups with connections they need to grow their business. Listen in to hear more in-depth about Alexis’ awesome story!

Quote of the Episode: “You can only make as much money as the hours you build”

Gauntlet:Listen in for the tips, tricks, and tools that Alexis used growing her business:

  • Branding/Design - Fiverr

  • Go-to-Market –

  • Product Development – feedback from customers

  • Hiring - LinkedIn

  • Revenue and Accounting - QuickBooks

  • Fundraising - Carta

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