Michael Loeb's New Approach To Launching Billion Dollar Companies


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Joining us today is Founder and CEO of Loeb Enterprises, Michael Loeb. Loeb Enterprises is an early stage venture investing company and an incubator for startups. Prior to Loeb Enterprises, Michael co-founded Synapse in 1992 with Jay Walker. Synapse then became the largest seller of consumer magazine subscriptions worldwide and now is a subsidiary of Time Warner. Along with Jay Walker, Michael assisted with the creation and early stage funding of Priceline.

Although Michael was born in St. Louis, MO, he has been in New York since the age of one years old. He was your typical entrepreneur from early on, mowing lawns, having a lemonade stand, etc. However, it was not until he was fired from Time, Inc until he realized his entrepreneurial potential. Tune in to learn more of his story:

  • Michael growing up

  • Working at Time, Inc

  • Why being fired can sometimes be important

  • Creating Synapse

  • Co-founded Priceline

  • Selling his company for $800 million

  • Creating Loeb Enterprises

  • Helping founders

  • Pros and Cons of being in NY as a founder

Ambition Today Question of the Day™ : I have heard you say that you wish you had bet on yourself earlier in your life. How old were you when you quit Time Inc and how can people bet on themselves earlier in life?

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Quote Of The Episode: “It is hard to be an entrepreneur in your 30’s, if you didn’t have a big win in your 20’s.”

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