News Roundtable: Future of American Cities and Working From Home


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Kevin Siskar and Tim Shisler are at it again, discussing the current news in our world today. Each person brings one topic to the table and they talk about them both.

Kevin’s Topic: The Future of American Cities. Kevin starts by discussing how he lived in NYC for a full decade and how he has seen the cost of living has increased significantly, but at the same time, the storefronts are leaving! This is due to the commercial investors also increasing their rent too much where small shops are no longer able to handle the cost. Kevin found a statistic: 50% of all restaurants in NYC are going to close due to COVID 19, currently being 12,000 being closed already. So many people think the city and other big cities are dying, but looking at the next few years, will the economy be able to come back?

Tim’s Topic: Working from home, the rise of remote work! Tim talks about how it was hard to transition for him to remote work once COVID-19 forced a lot of our workforce to remote. It is a lot about having a plan and being diligent about time and how you carve it out. Routine is key. There is a fine line between work life and home life, the separation needs to be balanced. Should you be working at 8pm when you have a significant other? When working in an office, the commute is there to help you shift out of work mode, what do you do when you are working from home. This is also the time where it really shines on the people that really care about their work, vs. the people that were just working to have a job. This is a big topic right now, because working from home is definitely not for everyone.

Tune in to hear what Tim and Kevin have to say about this week’s topics!

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