Publicly Accessible Shorelines: Adapting to Climate Change at Crane Beach, Massachusetts: Part 2 of a 3-part series with the Trustees of Reservations


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In episode 120 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks adaptation and publicly accessible shorelines with The Trustees of Reservations, the nation’s first and the Massachusetts’ largest preservation and conservation nonprofit! This is the second episode in a 3 episode arc, focusing on coastal issues and climate adaptation. We talk with experts and local residents about Crane Beach on the Crane Estate near in Ipswich, Massachusetts. We discuss the challenges they are currently facing and what it means to adapt to climate change at this beach. Hear from local residents and shoreline experts on what steps are needed to ensure future access to Crane Beach from the impacts of climate change.

Topics covered:

  • What it takes to maintain publicly accessible shorelines in the face of climate change.
  • What makes Crane Beach unique and the specific challenges it faces.
  • Learn why Crane Beach is so beloved by local residents.
  • Hear first-hand about an adaptation workshop The Trustees led with local residents and experts from the region and how they will use that information to adapt to climate change.
  • See what steps the Trustees are currently taking to ensure public access coastal impacts.

Find all episodes in this series here. This episode funded by The Trustees of Reservations through a grant by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.

Guests in this episode:

  • Tom O’Shea, Director of Coast and Natural Resources, The Trustees of Reservations
  • Peter Pinciaro, Director of the Crane Estate
  • Sandy Tilton, Photographer and Local Resident
  • Jim Engel, Local Resident
  • Frank Ventimiglia, Director of Operations, Town of Ipswich Department of Public Works

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