Hack Attacks Could Take Down America


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Let’s hope Biden’s trillions proposed infrastructure comes with digital safeguards because right now, we’re vulnerable, America. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack this past weekend revealed the depth of our national vulnerability -- not just of our oil pipelines but also potentially our electrical grid. And the band of hackers responsible, Darkside, hail from -- you guessed it -- Eastern Europe. How do we hold Russia responsible now? And more pressingly, why doesn’t America fight back? Kara Frederick, a former DOD counterterrorism analyst, explains the changing face of digital battle with the likes of China and Iran and how these countries leverage our culture wars against us. John Rossomando, a senior analyst for defense policy, also joins to detail the potential horrors of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which would leave America in a perpetual grid blackout with unthinkable casualties.

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