The Energy Overlap: Can Oil and Green Co-Exist?


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With Green Energy initiatives front and center at the G7 summit, the commitment to renewable energy is gaining steam on the international stage. Politics aside, this represents an undeniable opportunity for investors -- just ask BlackRock.

Listen, oil’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but we’re undeniably in a transitional period when it comes to the energy sector. One crack in the rosy glasses of the Green Energy movement is, as always, China. For these lofty environmental measures to work, China would have to stop burning a hole in the ozone the size of Taiwan while exploiting emerging markets in smaller countries with shark loans. How can the free world lead an eco-conscious charge if the Red Dragon continues to operate without a conscience?

Andrew Wheeler, former administrator of the EPA and current fellow at the Heritage Foundation think tank, is an equal-opportunity energy enthusiast who applauds advances in clean energy. But he illustrates the irony that our progress in the Green space often come at the expense of the environment and national security.

The two also discuss the nuances of energy diplomacy, the realities of EV battery creation, and the hottest companies in the Green Energy sector.

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