Trish Regan: World War III Begins with A Whimper, Not A Bang


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Beyond the chatter and circus of Washington, there are real threats out there, America. The Colonial Pipeline Hack was just a sliver of the digital damage our enemies can and will inflict on our infrastructure, grid, and citizenry. And one of those threats remains an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack. If China or Russia unleashed this weapon on us at full force, it would take down our grid, transit, industries, Wall Street: any and everything that relies on electricity. And draped in darkness, our country would crumble -- we cannot allow that to happen. Dr. Peter Pry, Executive Director of the EMP Task Force, details the science behind what an EMP attack consists of and how much damage it’s capable of wreaking. The two also discuss how bureaucracy often trumps expertise in government, realizing Reagan’s vision for our Space Force, and the inevitable digital war with Russia.

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