We've Reached Peak Biden.


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Inflation nation, here we come! Have you seen oil prices lately, America? We may be heading to $100 a barrel soon -- and it’s not just at the pump that you’re noticing this surge in asset costs: food and lumber prices are soaring as well. Listen, our economy is finally improving but can it continue with the dampening effect of the Fed’s recklessness and Biden’s socialist spending agendas? With the dust from the pandemic settling and the self-induced economic wounds of lockdowns slowly healing, all we need now is simple: for the government to step out of the way.

Renowned economist and author Stephen Moore returns with a searing take on Joe Biden and the financial landscape: with the President's Bernie Sanders' governing style experiencing pushback from moderate Democrats, it's clear the markets never took Uncle Joe seriously from the beginning.

The two also discuss the absurdity of America’s labor shortage, the minimum global corporate tax, and the Left’s undying distrust of Big Business.

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