AJSM November 2021 Podcast: What Is the Most Reliable Method of Measuring Glenoid Bone Loss in Anterior Glenohumeral Instability? A Cadaveric Study Comparing Different Measurement Techniques for Glenoid Bone Loss


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Preoperative quantification of bone loss has a significant effect on surgical decision making and patient outcomes. Various measurement techniques for calculating glenoid bone loss have been proposed in the literature. To date, no studies have directly compared measurement techniques to determine which technique, if any, is the most reliable.

In conclusion, glenoid bone loss calculation presents variability depending on the measurement technique, with different consistencies and accuracies. We recommend use of the Barchilon method by surgeons who frequently measure glenoid bone loss, because this method presents the best combined consistency and accuracy. However, for surgeons who measure glenoid bone loss occasionally, the most consistent method is the Giles method, although an adjustment for the overestimation bias may be required.

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