Parks During a Pandemic


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It's now clear we’re dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic for the long haul, and instead of just staying inside, many Americans are wanting to figure out how to recreate responsibly. And what could be a better place to socially distance than a National Park, right? Well, it’s not so simple.

This week, we’re sharing with you an episode of a different podcast: "Everybody’s National Parks." Hosts Danielle and Bryan do an excellent job taking us on deep dives into parks through their trip reports as well as interviews from expert to help us get the best out of their visits. Jason sat down virtually with Danielle to chat about visiting the parks during the virus, and Joining was Brad from the new "Hello, Ranger podcast." Brad and Matt Kirouac formerly hosted the "Parklandia" podcast, and now, they’ve started a whole community of park lovers that includes a great app and Park Ambassadors to help you navigate your National Park experience.

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