171: Transition to Youtube Live!


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In this episode I share some updates about our lives in Stubenville, Ohio. We are working to get settled in so many ways and soon I hope to have a studio set up so I can film and record! I am transitioning to doing videos on YouTube while also having the audio for those videos available for my podcast listeners. If you want to check out the videos when they go live please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Also in today's episode I chat with Kate Lesnefsky. Kate is the mom of 7 children ranging in age from 7-20. She is the missionary coach at Vagabond Missions, an inner-city youth ministry program she started with her husband in 2005. Kate is most proud of her 21 year marriage to the love of her life Bob Lesnefsky! Check out vagabondmissions.com to hear more about Kate’s mission to bring Christ to the inner-city.

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