The Life Giving Power of Listening


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Our hosts Kimberly Wagner and Marvin Wickware talk, and listen, about the many ways ministerial leaders are called to listen. What are we listening for? What if we don't know how to solve the challenges we're listening to? (Hint: that's ok, and often you can't.)
Our first guest today is Rev. Dr. Brooke Petersen, Director of MDiv and MA Programs, Coordinator for Candidacy, and Lecturer at LSTC, as well as a practicing therapist. We're also excited to have LSTC academic senior Melissa Hrdlicka.
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Our music is by Keith “Doc” Hampton. Thanks to Frantisek Janak and Michael Liotus for technology support. This episode was produced and edited by Eric Halvorson.
This podcast was made possible by the Lyn C. and Stewart W. Herman Jr. Fund for Innovation in Theological Education.

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