S02 Bonus Episode, the Twelve Nuggets of Christmas, Nugget 12, The Radical Message of Love and Kindness


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About 2 centuries ago a baby was born in Bethlehem, of Judea. At the time Bethlehem was an isolated society that had fallen from an unparalleled greatness hundreds of years before, to a completely conquered backwater.
His name is Jesus Christ. And, there is so much that can be said of him. But His message and gift are the most powerful of all, and only effectively given -or accepted - quietly, humbly, and peacefully – never by force.

He caused great upheaval by encouraging people to be kind and loving. By inviting them to change their ways, to be humble, forgiving, and good.

This message was incredibly threatening to the existing power structure. And, as everything else failed, they charged him with false crimes, paid one of his closest associates to betray him, and then condemned him to death.
He and His message remain.

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