S03 E01 The End of the World Thwarted on the Night Shift


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This episode is a bit of a nod to those who have had to work a night shift. Those who have performed some vital task attended to some critical detail, that could not wait for the dawning of the sun.

Stan was born on September 7, 1939, near Vladivostok, Russia. His mother was a nurse during world war II and his father a fighter pilot. Surviving in Vladivostok during world war II is quite an achievement, even for an adult, let alone for a young child. So, Stan grew up hard. And, you've probably never heard of him.
Early in the morning of September 26th, 1983., Stan saved the whole world (this is not an understatement).
He was praised for his wise – and correct – decision, but within the week he was reprimanded for not recording the incident in the logbook.

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