S03 E03 How Ice Cream Ended the Cold War


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Ice Cream is one of those treats that is nearly irresistible. It comes in a huge variety of flavors, one of which is probably yours. But even the smooth, creamy satisfying nature of simple vanilla ice cream has been the perfect companion to a birthday cake for a century or more. Ice cream has the power to brighten an already sunny day and has been effective when liberally used as an antidepressant on the dark ones.

Did you know that the ‘cool smooth power’ of Ice Cream is so mighty that without even trying it became one of the greatest influences in the ending of the cold war?
Never underestimate the power of a pudding pop.

Ice cream has the power to calm a troubled heart, minimize the pain of a scraped knee, and open eyes and minds to new ways of thinking.

Ice cream is not the only pocket-sized thing that can have such power. Sometimes power can be wielded in just a little respect, a smile, a kindness, a small detail that changes everything.

Time and again it really is the ‘little’ things that have proven to make the ‘big’ difference.

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