S03 E06 He Got Caught


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I’m Jim Fugate and it is my privilege to share An Ounce with you.

We’ve got a great story about a true American hero - but we're going to leave you guessing as to who it is – or maybe you can figure out who it is before I tell you.

Nate was a great guy. He was a loyal, hardworking, and principled man with courage and integrity.

He was born into a well-pedigreed family in Coventry, Connecticut, 1775 to his mother Elizabeth and his father, Richard - a deacon in the church.

At the tender age of 14, Nate was sent by his 16-year-old brother Enoch, to Yale University.
But, this brilliant and principled young man got himself in too he wasn't prepared for, and it cost him his life.
When you are looking to get a job done, you’re not always going to be looking for the best person – you may need to be looking for the right person.

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