S03 E08 How To Venture Well


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Here is a story about an aging King with no Heir - and how chose a successor to his throne.

It is a tale I heard when I was very young. I don’t know its origins or who the author is – if you do let me know.

The great Domain of the respected king was at peace and thriving. But, the King had no heir. And, he was beginning to consider how his kingdom would fair when he was gone. He loved his people, and, he wanted them to continue in peace and plenty after he passed. But, with no child, there was no one to teach, train, and prepare to lead.

The people also began to wonder and question the future. The king’s counselors began to carefully make suggestions. The rich and the powerful, the movers and the shakers imagined themselves taking his place and attempted to gain favor with the king.
The wise king declared an event would take place. Those who traveled from the capital city to the King's public gardens the best would be declared his heir.
However, no one knew how those who would make this little excursion would be judged – And, The King wasn’t talking.

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