S03 E09 The Patriot Flag Maker


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In 1870 William Canby presented the story of his Grandmother, Betsy Ross to the historical society of Pennsylvania. His presentation was strong on personal remembrance, family stories, and anecdotes. Canby even bolstered his presentation with signed and notarized affidavits from family recounting the stories they had been told. But, the presentation, though powerful and persuasive, was void of anything that could be considered evidence or firsthand accounts. Just the remembrances of stories told within the family about their remarkable matriarch Betsy Ross.

This fabled account of Betsy Ross became the ‘version of events’ that became accepted and celebrated by the public, but the truth – well most of it cannot be proven, and historians tend to discount much of what you think you know about the Patriot Flag Maker as unsubstantiated romanticized stories.

Does this mean it was all a lie?
Listen and find out!

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