S03 E10 Killer Curiosity


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While necessity has been deemed the mother of Invention, Curiosity is surely the father. And curiosity continues to be a prolific sire to things like discovery and learning. Curiosity manifests itself in our lives in many ways – in short - it is a desire the expose truth – excitement and anticipation to see something new.

Curiosity is a shared feature of the human condition. To one extent or another we all want to know what makes things ‘Tic’, what’s behind the curtain, how the magician made the ‘Magic’.
It is a natural and very powerful drive that has taken us, quite literally to the moon, and beyond. Curiosity has inspired us to look into our world, and ourselves, and we have grown because of it.

But, as powerful as it is – curiosity can ignorantly show us things, though true, we might wish we didn’t know.
Guest: Alan Peacock

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