S03 E11 Radioactive Gardens


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All the things that new technology brings us – isn’t it fun?
In the past several years there has been some concern over Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs. Folks are concerned that the modifications made in plants will affect nutritional content, the human bodies allergic response, toxicity, organ damage, or even the transfer of genes into the body with an unanticipated response
I remember back in the day we just planted the seeds took care of their growing and enjoyed the fruits of our labors without fear.

But, hold on just a second. Did you know engineering GMO foods is not the first time that humans have messed around with plants?

IT’s not.

Humans have been playing with the genetic makeup of plants for eons. Hybrids, cross-breeding, and all kinds of other fooling around with nature to increase yield and nutrition have been going on pretty much forever in one way or another.

Here is an example you’ll be hard-pressed to believe really happened.

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