S03 E16 The Warsaw Ghetto Angel


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This episode is the true story of a part of the Jewish holocaust in which a bright light of goodness and courage can be found.

During world war II, and after the Germans had invaded Poland, they began to move forward with their 'Final Solution'. The extermination of all Jews.

Part of this plan in Poland displacing and moving Jews from their homes into a single segregated 16 block neighborhood in Warsaw. The Warsaw Ghetto was increasingly sealed off from the rest of the city - and the entry and exit points were controlled by the Nazis.

All of this was prior to transporting them in cattle cars to prison camps where they would be used as slave labor (or worse, where they might become lab rats in medical experimentation) until they were slaughtered and buried in mass unmarked graves.

But, under the noses of the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto - there was an angel - that was able to rescue 2500 children.

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