S03 E17 The Atypical Performer


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Got a question for you. What does it take to be a star and a great performer?

Typical answers might be - A great voice, the ability to be a bit edgy and get people’s attention, A great smile, well-spoken, a cutting-edge wardrobe, be absolutely relatable to what’s happening now, sexy, and educated, with extraordinarily good looks, and a willingness to push societal boundaries.

A lot of the really popular performers of today also include a big ego, some self-importance, and an unhealthy amount of arrogance. I mean, heck - what good are you if you don’t show everybody you know your worth.

Well, Ok.

But I’d like to tell you a story about a performer from the past who was anything but what you’d think a great and loved star and performer should be. He was atypical.

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