S03 E23 The Color of Trees


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From The Podcasters Wife:
This ounce comes from a sweet conversation I had with my Late Father-in-law - Chad Fugate -it was about 25 years ago. He and his wife Marilyn visited our family in the fall when we lived on the east coast. Chad and I went for a walk and we were talking about the beauty of the colorful leaves. Chad said to me, “– hey, you know, those are the true colors of a tree. I never knew that and I never forgot it. It was recently I shared this experience with Jim – and he created this Ounce for you. Thanks, Chad.
Living in the desert southwest I kind of miss the lush green leaves of the many trees that grow in the easternmost united states.

The Maple, Oak, Sycamore, Elm, and many others.

I shake myself and remember how much humidity it takes to create such a green environment – and I stop pinning for the green.

I am happy with dry heat.

Here in the southwest, we have color – we’ve got the red rocks, the color of pine and sage, the bright blossoms of cactus, and in some rare instances a few nice green lawns. But, things are not always as they seem, the best lawns are often artificial. And, instead of being cool and comfy on the bare feet, they can get so hot in the summer sun they will burn your bare feet.

Things in nature are not always a simple and straightforward as they seem at first glance.

The green of the leaves on those trees I loved – well, the green comes from a constant infusion of chlorophyll from the tree. The chlorophyll keeps the process of photosynthesis going. It keeps those trees happy, alive, and growing. As long as the water lasts, and the sun shines through the full summer days, the trees stay nice and green.

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