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In the mid-1980’s I had the privilege of serving in the United States Air Force. My job was Firefighter, and the one and only assignment I had was at McChord Air Force Base, in Washington. It was a beautiful place to serve.
On one late afternoon in what I believe was the fall, I was given an interesting assignment. A safety standby for a green engine run on an F-4 Phantom.
There I was - standing next to one of the most powerful and feared Jet Fighters in the world. Bolted to the concrete was the F-4 Phantom, with 2 engines producing 17,900 lbs. of thrust each. And, capable of traveling speeds pushing 1500 miles per hour.
There are no words to explain the physical, auditory, visual sensation – or the rush of adrenaline. I suppose if you’ve done this before, or been on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier you might comprehend it. If not – well – you’ve kind of missed out. It was singularly indescribable - but, I'll give it a shot.

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