S03 E26 Practicing Emotional Resilience


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Have you ever met someone that has that great attitude? You know. That person who – when life throws them a curveball or an unexpected outcome, they smile, laugh, and somehow find a way to have fun with it. The one who; when they are facing some challenge and you go to visit them and lift their spirits, and they lift you instead. Everyone has met someone like this, they must be born with it. That amazing ability to stay realistically positive.

What would you say If I told you - you don’t have to be born with it? You can be that person. The one who is a blessing to everyone around you.

I got to interview Beth Mac Afee, and she’s got a secret to share on how you can do this. It’s simple. Not necessarily easy. But, simple & worth the effort. Committing to it will make life better for you, and everyone you meet.

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