S03 E29 A Unique Survivor


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August 7, 1945, began as such a pleasant day, in spite of the state of the world at that time. Tutsumo Yamaguachi remembers the sound of a single aircraft circling above the city. This was a common occurrence, so he gave it little notice.

Then, just a few seconds after 8:15 AM he was knocked off his feet. There was a blinding flash of intense light, followed by a sound so earsplittingly violent it felt as if the world was falling apart.

He said, “I didn’t know what had happened. I think I fainted for a while. When I opened my eyes, everything was dark, and I couldn’t see much.”

The first nuclear bomb had just been dropped by a B29 called the Enola Gay. The detitanation occurred 580 meters above the ground, and the city of Hiroshima was left completely devastated.
Unfortunately for him, this was going to be a nightmare that repeated itself one more time, in less than 3 days.

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