S03 E34 The Sniper


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Well, I’ve never been one to shy away from a good story, even when the historians and other ‘experts’ can’t agree on the details. And, this story… It’s a good one - about the deadliest Sniper ever in the Russian military.

The problem – the facts seemed to be in doubt. Some claim it’s all about propaganda. That the record of this Hero of the Soviet Union was padded. In orderder to make the story better, more powerful.

Ok, maybe it was, and there is an equal chance it wasn’t. As this sniper had a way of ruffling the feathers of superior officers – who were known to do their best to sully the reputations of those who crossed them.
On the whole, the sniper's life shows a one that was not only unconventional for the time but also one of integrity and principles.

Not an easy thing when your ideals bump up against the status quo. But then, having true integrity, though always right, is seldom easy.
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