S03 E35 Football: My Perfect Season


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Here we are at the close of another summer. Kids are back to school, the nights are cooling off, and if you haven’t yet, you’ll probably be watching a football game. Be it community league, College, Highschool, heck – you might be one of those who still watch the pro’s play in spite of the politics and the egomaniac personalities.

I get it.
Back in 1978-79, before the internet – and shortly after the end of the renaissance, I was in my senior year in high school. Football always began 2 or 3 weeks before classes started. The coaches figured players needed to get in shape and show their stuff as they vied for a place on the varsity team. It was two-a-day practice's. A physical and metal trial that began as the sun came up – and when the coach figured you were exhausted enough you got a break, you could go home, sleep, eat, and be back at the field by 3 PM for the second practice of the day.
And it was an extraordinary year – we had a perfect season. That’s right, an un-marred and flawless achievement set to go down in the annals of Emery High School History - But probably not in the way one might expect...

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