S03 E38 The Culture of Contempt


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This episode begins with a story about a dreaded monster named contempt. And, how in spite of a wise wizard's message that the monster is a liar, the people reject the wizard and choose to keep the monster.
Contempt is defined by Webster as ‘the act of despising: the state of mind of one who despises”. “Lack of respect or reverence for something” or someone. There are a lot of other words that might describe the weapon of contempt – Scorn, Disdain, Fear, or Hate to mention a few.
Most people are generally good.

Please allow yourself the chance to believe this in spite of what the broadcast, print, and social media; and the politicians tell you. They make their money by keeping your attention and motivating you with contempt - you can bet the message is skewed – even your favorite talking heads are telling you their opinion mixed in with a few carefully selected facts. Doesn’t necessarily make them bad or wrong – but they should be taken with clear eyes and a healthy dose of skepticism.

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