S03 E45 That'll Fix Ya


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There have been some amazing things done in the name of science. Some, that today, seem absolutely ridiculous. Some seemed like a great idea - at the time. Some that actually proven to be great ideas.

A few that could make your head explode with disbelief or amazement. Check it out….

There are a lot of ‘Sciences’. Some are more legit than others. But let's focus on one of the most important to us personally. Medicine.

Medical science is one of those that has had some amazing ideas. Incredible advances, and seemingly miraculous cures – and a few that have proven to be – well just stupid.
No doubt – most have made some kind of perfect, scientifically proven, and logical sense – at the time.

But arts and sciences – even the sum of human knowledge – has and will continue to change.

Covid, climate change, flat earth, is our reality a computer simulation, is there a God?

The best one can do is try to seek truth (yes it’s out there) and make an informed judgment – and then go with what you’ve got.

But, all need to be cautious of being too cock-sure of what they think they know. We need to be grateful that even our scientifically proven facts can sometimes turn around and slap us in the back of the head – and teach us more.

There – that’ll fix ya!

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