Winning in Medicine: Victories Large and Small


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This has been a bit of a tough summer for everyone in healthcare. Our worlds have been a bit topsy-turvy, to say the least. That makes this all the more important of a time to remember to celebrate wins, of all sizes. Times are tough, remember every day of our lives is still riddled with victories. Some are small — a patient who listened to your advice, a colleague who thought you were right, even the warm blanket you brought to a patient that cheered up their day a little bit. Some are big — a literal life saved, a life changed, sometimes even an entire community improved. Our impact as healthcare professionals is incredible, now more than ever. We influence our patients, our families, our communities and get an amazing opportunity to be listened to and respected so that we can expand our impact even more. Chapter 1. Early in COVID: A Win and a White House Call (2:47) -- Years of work led to wins during a difficult time. Story by Brian Garibaldi, MD. Chapter 2. Breaking Down Patients' Barriers (16:04) -- A doctor helps a reluctant patient thrive. Story by Fred Pelzman, MD. Chapter 3. A Victory for Cancer Prevention (27:21) -- A tale of engaging, educating, and advocating for patients. Story by Len Lichtenfeld, MD.

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