E211 The Echelon Twins and a Rotary Butt Dial


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Welcome to episode 211, where this week we're spreading the bad news so it doesn't turn into worse news... Join us as Em dives even deeper into the world of conspiracy theories for the second part in their series on QAnon. They cover the antisemitism at the root of it, just how people are getting sucked in and the rumors about who could be behind the infamous Q poster. Then Christine takes us back to Psych 101 class with the case that prompted not only the Bystander Effect but the origins of 911 itself, the murder of Kitty Genovese. We also look into Kitty's badass life as a bartender, "bookmaker" and girlfriend. And lastly, is Em a gummy worm sinner? ...and that's why we drink!
Check out the blog posts Em mentions in their story here:


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