194: A Lisa Frank Ouija Board and Spider Egg Gum


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HALLOWEEN IS HERE!! And Eva's currently calling a lawyer because episode 194 is so spooky, it might just be illegal. We're also worried Zak Bagans is going to sue and/or block all of us now... Because as a Halloween surprise Em is covering the history of our favorite paranormal investigator and the origins of Ghost Adventures!! Christine then takes us on a wild Halloween ride that may very well be the basis for the urban legend that had our parents combing our Trick-or-Treat candy for poison, the story of The Candyman Ronald O'Bryan. Tune in to hear all about our spooky live stream, see Christine's Lemon costume, and get a sneak peek of Em's undying alien love, Xiinön! And may we never forget Xiinön's catch phrase: She put on a few falsies, so SUE her... and that's why we drink!

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