How Adam 22 & Lena the Plug DOMINATE OnlyFans


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Akaash is still away on vacation, so Adam22 & Lena The Plug hung out to talk about OnlyFans, Mommy Milkers, PlugTalk, NoJumper, and more! Come hang out Filmed 6.13.22 Timecodes 00:00 - Start 01:01 - Greatest Talent scout in the history of the internet 07:57 - PlugTalk, Adam22 doesn't need PEDs 19:41 - Adam22's worst NoJumper interview ever - Boonk Gang 33:39 - How Lena the Plug deals with stalkers 48:56 - Signing Yeonmi Park to OnlyFans 51:44 - Adam22 family is the illuminati 01:11:44 - Dov to do OnlyFans + Feet guys 01:18:49 - Does Adam's mom have the heavies? 01:20:06 - Weird trends + Lena’s Mommy Milkers 01:28:18- How to make a successful OnlyFans? 01:33:58 - Sharp and the future + NoJumper roster

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