Steve-o On Jackass DRAMA & Johnny Knoxville BEEF


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Steve-o has joined the greatest hang in the universe to talk Johnny Knoxville, the first stunt he backed out of, & working with SteveWillDoIt. Strap in and come hang out ☠️🤙🏼 00:00 - start 01:09 - "Greatest Entertainer in History" 08:46 - "Who's Johnny [Knoxville]?" and Failed Negotiations 14:03 - Steve-O steals Johnny Knoxville's Website 15:46 - Steve-O INSANE dog story 25:46 - the toy car went where?? 31:31 - Knoxville, CTE, Bam Margera and staged pranks on the show 42:58 - Steve-O doesn’t want kids but COULD 49:14 - Prank for next tour: Plastic Surgery 58:29 - “how big can I go?” 1:07:22 - Stunts are jokes, power of YouTube & social media 1:24:08 - Difference between NYC and LA comedy scene 1:32:32 - Steve-O’s dad is a legal drug pusher

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