Living this life: Zen and the teaching of emptiness


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I am currently reading a book called This Life: Why Mortality Makes us Free by the contemporary Swedish philosopher, Martin Hagglund, who argues against religious faith in favour of what he calls secular faith. He includes Buddhism, along with Christianity, as practicing a form of religious faith where some form of belief in eternity takes precedence over living this life. He argues that giving precedence to some version of salvation in eternity devalues this life, rendering our love and commitments in this life meaningless. I think Hagglund makes some good points, but I think the interpretation he has of Buddhism misses what we teach here in Ordinary Mind Zen. But I think his work does shed some light on some of the possible interpretations of the teachings of emptiness, that can misinform or even distort our practice, especially when they are interpreted in a way that prioritises some version of nirvana as being the ending of suffering via a release from the wheel of reincarnation or a release from the personal self into some form of pure awareness or the unborn and undying formless self. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

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