Living Without Walls, Part 2


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This dharma talk will picks up from our Living without Walls dharma talk last fortnight (18.07.21) with a focus on making the Heart Sutra less abstract and more accessible and relevant to our lived experience. Hence rather than just giving a lecture, I introduce some mini-meditations to facilitate exploring how the world shows up when we start to free ourselves from the suffering of the isolated and alienated self to realise the inherent relational unity of self and world that we all share. This realisation creates a transformation in our experience of self, which I have metaphorically described as living without walls. These meditations are used to deepen our understanding of "emptiness" or "no-thingness" and will lead to a definite shift in our lived experience of the world. The meditations are informed by existential philosophy, in particular the work of the infamous Martin Heidegger, and his description of our being in the world as an opening, in which we experience the manifestation of the interdependence or inseparability of language, being and world.

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