The Path Of Salvation In Zen


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“Come in”, she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”. In this talk I explore the meaning of salvation in Zen, in the context of a world stunned by the effects of disease and death. It begins with an overview of how both religions and relationships have been the main “shelters” of salvation for human beings since the dawn of time. So, what does Zen offer? I conclude that Zen does not promise us salvation by means of an escape from disease, old age and death, whether that be by transcending death by being reborn into a Buddhist Paradise or by realising our true nature as the unborn and undying Spirit. After over 30 years of engagement in this practice, I would say the salvation Zen offers is simply an embrace of disease, old age and death. The path of salvation in Zen is to live mindfully knowing our time on this earth is limited. This doesn’t mean we have to convert to a religion. It just means we must live our lives, as my teacher recently said, as if everything matters.

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