Values And Commitment


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I have sometimes heard people say “I have wasted my life” and are full of regrets for the life they did not lead. This is a common form of suffering. A critical part disparages the life we have led as not being "good enough" or "successful" enough because we did not follow our authentic calling and opted for a safer option. For example, a character in the Netflix comedy The Kominsky Method, feels he has wasted his life because instead of pursing his youthful dream of being a musician or an actor, he became a High School English and History teacher instead. From a Zen perspective, life itself IS the ultimate value, and our commitment to practice is the way in which we embody these values. When we are being “this very moment” it is not possible to regret the life we did not lead. However, there is an element of truth in this story of a wasted life. From a Zen perspective, a wasted life would be a life not lived, not appreciated for the wonder it is (even during the hard times) and I would also encourage everyone of you to follow your calling, whatever that may be

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