Andrey Plavinskiy - Between sky and earth #026 (a weekley podcast) (27.09.2013)


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Записано на Radio Mega Dance (St.Petersburg), EYE1RADIO (Amsterdam), TranceFan (Moscow) и Russian Trance Radio (Moscow)03.The Starfuckerz - Rising Love (Original Mix) in its original mix format, delivers a punchy powerful groove, full of tuff drums, deep moving melodic toplines and sparkling spoken vocal licks. A dirty twisted topbass comes in amidst more shuffling percs after the breakdown to really lift things again. On the remix is Mehmet Akar, who takes the track down a dark alley, with minimal use of any melody & vocal, he relies solely on a hypnotic groove thang! 04.PROFF - Countdown (Original Mix) Intricate Records is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the label's exclusive compilation series. The initial one is scheduled for May 2013. The honourable duty to snip the red ribbon is offered to the label's residents and co-founders, PROFF and Vadim Soloviev. The appearance of the compilation will be preceded by two samplers. The first sampler was compiled by PROFF. It consists of three tracks which will also appear on the compilation: "Nocturnal Labor" by Blend, "Countdown" by Vladimir PROFF himself and "One More Life" by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) featuring James Fulton. Seventeen years old Blend, Vienna-based musician, submitted an exclusive production "Nocturnal Labor" for the compilation after the noticeable success of his debut EP. Blend remained true to his soft, muffled progressive which combines very danceable content, vivacity and cheerfulness of the beat with melodic beauty. PROFF, in contrary, did not use any of his signature pads, cosmic sounds, bright melodies and tough bass lines which have been top priority parts of his recognizable style for ages. "Countdown" is still progressive music, but the accents are set on rhythm and monotony. Along with the advance of the track, the new sounds glue up to the basis and cement-harden it; closer to the final part comes a traditional breakdown which "swallows up" a number of elements and later on presents a totally unexpected blossoming bouquet. A very unusual production by Evgeny Svalov from the Russian Yekaterinburg-based project 4Mal accomplishes the tracklisting of the sampler — nothing like this was featured in Intricate Records catalog ever before. "One More Life" takes the listeners to the far worlds of ambient, slow house and even IDM, unknowingly forcing to remember the works of the mysterious London-based maestro Burial. Artificial crackling noise of vinyl gives this track extra refinement. James Fulton, an enigmatic personality, is responsible for the vocal parts of this production. Fulton, according to a comment made by 4Mal, prefers unheralded visits and uses different communication methods all the time. James disappears as sudden as possible and leaves only a few text sketches and raw voice recordings after his short-term apparitions. 4Mal's duty is to capture the meaning of those drafts. 06.Digital Sixable - Don't Get Eaten by the Mountain Lion (Biologik Vocal Remix) Silk Textures is proud to feature a new original by Digital Sixable (a.k.a. Jake Benson), who has contributed various standout remixes in the past to parent label Silk Digital. On "Don't Get Eaten By The Mountain Lion," this rising American talent showcases his deeper side, which proves to be no less ornate and emotive than his more melodic work. The Original Mix centers on a dubby, after-hours groove, as various nature-inspired effects and cavernous pads fill out the moody soundscape. The bassline and percussion steadily chug along, as the various atmospheric effects soothingly filter in and out of the mix. In the main break, a minimalist rhythm, combined with the spacial pads, create a suspenseful mood and effectively evoke a beautiful, yet lonely wintry landscape, of which the mountain lion remains king. We are honored to welcome celebrated American artist Biologik, a.k.a. Eric Liberda, to Silk Textures for two visionary remixes. Biologik has been a leading light in the Proton family of labels for years, so we are especially excited about his debut on Silk. His prolific career includes the recent "One Month" artist album [Proton Music], which was a top-charting release on Beatport. His first interpretation on this release, a "Vocal" remix, jumps out of the gate with a strong drive and rhythmic swing. A dark and ominous bassline arrives soon thereafter, followed by a monologue, in which Biologik explains the title's significance in his own words. The song continues to pick up steam, as various hypnotic arp lines and choral pads add to the foreboding mood. Biologik's "Other Side" remix is lighter and more melodic. Sitting atop a classic house rhythm, atmospheric pads and various arp lines begin to trickle into the mix and slowly crescendo. In the main break, gorgeous, crystalline synth effects create a stunning soundscape. A lead chord progression also emerges, which leads the track into the drop. The vintage progressive house sound of this interpretation will surely resonate with veteran fans of the genre. We're also thrilled to welcome back Konektiv (a.k.a. Daniel Mahuad), who last appeared on our imprint with his remix of Blue Haze's "Amber Glow." As per usual, Konektiv offers a visionary rendering. This time around, the intelligent soundscape takes inspiration from the cosmos, with a variety of celestial sound effects and outer-worldly effects. There is a also a chunky groove, which hypnotically propels the voyage along. In the main break, a truly awe-inspiring arpeggio sequence emerges, signaling, perhaps, the ship's arrival at its destination or an alien encounter of some kind. Konektiv's aural odyssey is not to be missed.07.Dunkan - Valley (Stereopole Remix) 75 releases old Nueva Digital is proud to put together a gorgeous 3 track EP from the talented Russian native Dunkan with accompanying remixes from industry mainstays Arthur Deep, Santerna and Stereopole! 'Love Story' is your classic prog builder, originally released on Nueva's first incarnation of the popular 'From The Record Bag' series mixed and compiled by Label Heads Rose and Paul, featuring a catchy hook expertly interlaced with rhythmic melodies and sweeps. Dunkan is on point here as he captures our love for progressive house in it's truest form here. On the remix duty is one of the industry's best craftsmen as Arthur Deep gives us a completely different feel here taking 'Love Story' into an ethereal place for the senses with a great pulsing baseline. Another track released a while back on Stan Kolev's turn at the helm for 'From The Record Bag: Miami', we scoop up 'Flying Flowers' for a second look as it garnered considerable attention the first time around from the likes of Jaytech who made a personal mash-up with it. Dunkan utilizes some great clips from a bygone era of the space race to the moon and with yet another great unforgettable melody. We go to Russian brother in arms Santerna as he put's his magic touch on 'Flying Flowers' with altered melody and a tightened up atmosphere of ebbs and flows, exactly what a remix should be! Closing out this showcase of tracks from Dunkan is his original track 'Valley'. Piano plucks, violin strums, strings and a dash of groovy baseline make a great track and Dunkan has put them all in the right order here giving us yet another different aspect to what his sound can be. We go to Romanian resident Stereopole as he introduces his own unique flavour of prog as well as great use of a vocal sample making this one step above just a good remix taking it to that something special that we all look for in our music!08.Filth & Splendour - Smash & Grab is the latest offering from Itch Records and it's possibly our biggest release to date. With three fantastic remixes from Tiny Ducks, Solid Snake & Steve Wu, we can't wait to get it out there into DJ's inboxes around the world. The original is a big room, euphoric belter, full of playful melody, warm bass and skippy percussion. The boys have been dropping it now for several months across London and beyond and the reactions are universal, hands in the air and big smiles. Ryoji Takahashi and long-term veteran of the decks Yoshimasa have joined forces under their new moniker Tiny Ducks. With it they deliver a storming electro remix. It's big, banging and perfect for fans of saw bass driven dirty beats Solid Snake are Anders Rosengren & Omar Chelly, based out of Malmö, Sweden. With 2 full length albums, several EPs, remixes and compilations under their belt on various well respected labels it is no surprise that this duo frequently tours worldwide. They turn in a smart, progressive fireball that builds and burns into a monster club track, definitely one for the underground. Korean based Steve Wu delivers a pounding, dark, tank of a track that promises to grind the club into the early morning hours..09.Guido Percich - South Awakening (Ewan Rill Remix) Guido Percich delivers another stunning EP with 3 remixes from Ewan Rill, Vanaheim and marinao Fresh, and Neftali Blasko. Vurtical Records VRT030 combines progressive deep and melodic spectrum of the sound of the label putting itself on another hi5 01.00:00 Matt Black, Kieran J - Lightcycle (David Prap & Willy Real Remix) [Labels CHANGE AUDIO] [Release Date 2013-07-15] 02.05:42 Jelly For The Babies & Marc Pollen - Flow Motion (Kobana Remix) [Labels Balkan Connection] [Release Date 2013-06-10] 03.09:19 The Starfuckerz - Rising Love (Original Mix) [Labels Babylon Records] [Release Date 2013-08-26] 04.15:00 PROFF - Countdown (Original Mix) [Labels Intricate Records] [Release Date 2013-04-15] 05.18:20 Acedia - Fallen (Original Mix) 06.23:59 Digital Sixable - Don't Get Eaten by the Mountain Lion (Biologik Vocal Remix) [Labels Silk Textures] [Release Date 2013-04-16] 07.29:52 Dunkan - Valley (Stereopole Remix) [Labels Nueva Digital] [Release Date 2013-02-12] 08.35:25 Filth & Splendour - Smash & Grab [Labels Itch Records] [Release Date 2013-03-29] 09.41:31 Guido Percich - South Awakening (Ewan Rill Remix) [Labels Vurtical] [Release Date 2013-03-12] 10.48:40 Kay-D - Coastline(Oleg B Falling Stars Remix) [Labels Mistique Music] [Release Date 2013-04-08] 11.54:13 Marie - Milky Way (Manufactura Deep Remix) [Labels Smart Phenomena Records] [Release Date 2013-04-27]

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