Brad Warner - A Wonderful Being (Zazen sits you!)


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“Zazen isn't something I do. The zazen exists prior to me and I allow it to be me for a certain amount of time. Considering it that way can make the zazen easier. If it’s something im trying to do, I often fail at it…” - Brad Warner

An off the cuff talk blossoms into one of the sweetest little bursts of pure zazen poetry we've been lucky enough to hear. Reading from Dainin Katagiri’s classic “Each Moment is the Universe” Brad asks the question, do we sit zazen or does zazen sit us? Also, what does that even mean??? To try to answer, Brad opens up and tells us about his own struggles with zazen and the tips and tricks he’s picked up along the way, while the sangha goes all in with questions about art, dog training, what time is actually measuring, why ruining your life can lead to some pretty great zazen, and how to win at life by losing at bowling.

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