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  • Purdue University Entrepreneurship
  • Peter Fasse, patent attorney at Fish & Richardson

Thrice-exited founder Jon Hirschtick of SolidWorks and Onshape fame, talks about the promise of cloud-based technologies and how to build successful businesses in the space. Jon’s a good sport and a fun guest.


  • Sal Daher Introduces Jon Hirschtick, Founder of SolidWorks and Onshape
  • “...the problem we were solving with Onshape is around the use of CAD, Computer-Aided-Design t”
  • “...I had a year off and I could see the emergence of cloud technologies and I thought back to the problems I had seen users having.”
  • “...Onshape is the Google Docs of CAD...SolidWorks was the Microsoft Word of Onshape. What came before SolidWorks was like the Wang Word Processor of CAD.”
  • “...Marc Andreessen, he was an investor in Onshape”
  • It Was hard to Raise Money for SolidWorks but Its Success Made It Easy to Get Onshape Funded
  • Jon Hirschtick Was on the Famous MIT Blackjack Team
  • SolidWorks Was Jon’s Idea of Taking Computer-Aided Design from Specialized Work Stations to Desktop PCs
  • Jon Hirschtick Proved All the Naysayers Wrong on SolidWorks
  • Why Jon Hirschtick Thinks Boston Is a Great Place to Start a CAD Company
  • New York’s Unlikely Rise as a Startup Hub
  • “...Boston city government is not perfect but...compared to San Francisco and...New York City, we're models of efficiency, we're Singapore.”
  • Jon Hirschtick Thinks There’s Room for Improvement in Massachusetts’ Non-Compete Law
  • How Cloud-based Technologies Drive Innovation
  • The Way Data Is Organized Is Archaic, It’s Trying to Emulate Paper Records
  • The Cloud Shatters Barriers Imposed by Paper Emulation, Making Fast Iteration and Communication Possible
  • Saying Goodbye to Version Control
  • Jon Hirschtick’s Most Important Factors of Success by Founders
  • Jon Hirschtick: “'s easier than ever to start a company and harder than ever to build a great business.”

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