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In 2013*, my brother-in-law Martin Aboitiz sat in my dining room and sketched out a business he planned to start. I thought “majnun” which is Arabic for crazy! How would this guy who had built software companies in Argentina found a startup to help Americans have better access to their healthcare data? But I underestimated his resourcefulness and titanic tenacity. Four years later, Healthjump is at cashflow break even and has 7.5 million patients in its data warehouse. I’m glad because I have some real money riding on Martin’s company.

Listen to this lighthearted but informative interview. It was inspired, in part, by an excellent meal shared by the interlocutors the night before which included an outstanding paella (see photo) and some delightful wines. We talked healthcare, pivots, angel investing homeruns and flops and many other matters.

* (I said 2003 in the podcast by mistake)

Topics covered include:

  • Sal Daher’s Intro for the Relaunch
  • Martin Aboitiz Bio
  • Martin Aboitiz Gets Started in His Career
  • Lessons from Working in a World Bank-funded Project in the Philippines
  • Lessons from Doing Business in Argentina
  • How Did Martin Discover He Wanted to Be an Entrepreneur?
  • Martin Aboitiz’s Advice about Dealing with Failure – Really Good Stuff!
  • Martin Aboitiz’ First Startup – Intermedia
  • Martin Aboitiz Sets Up an Informal Incubator for Argentine Startups
  • Martin Aboitiz Founds Healthjump in 2013 to Make Medical Records More Accessible to the Patient
  • Problem: Healthcare Data is Sitting in Silos and People Don’t Have Access
  • Healthjump’s Pivot
  • Saber & Amadeus as Analogues
  • “Now in healthcare it's different because what we're seeing right now is the equivalent of the Hyatt across the street buying the bed and breakfast. That did not happen in travel but it's happening in healthcare.”
  • Lack of Healthcare Record Interoperability Is Pushing Consolidation to an Absurd Extreme
  • Healthjump is Helping Make Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software More Interoperable
  • Seven and a Half Million Patient Records Now Reside in Healthjump’s Data Warehouse
  • As More Practices Use Healthjump to Understand Their Data the Number of Patients Who Can Use Healthjump to Access their Records Grows – Network Effect
  • Healthjump is at Cashflow Breakeven
  • Martin Aboitiz Starts Angel Investing – Three Homeruns in a Row – Thought Angel Investing Was Easy
  • Martin’s Favorite Pivot Story - Twitter
  • Argentina as a Place to Build a Startup – OLX & Mercado Libre

Topics: founding story, pivot, product, angel investing strategies, returns

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